A labour of Love

My mission for MaYaMe Designs is to create beautiful clothing for kids that they love to wear, feel comfortable in and can be themselves in.

Childhood deserves to be enjoyed and cherished!

I’ve spent the last 20 or so years working in the fashion, film and costume industry, doing every job from assisting in workrooms to buying to designing. Then a few years ago, when my daughter Maya was born, I started to make her clothes because I could never find what I wanted in stores.

I wanted clothing that was beautiful, practical, and age appropriate. I wanted simple designs in block colours and a variety to choose from. I’m a big fan of dressing kids like kids for as long as possible!

The designs are modern and minimalist, with a bit of drama. I use natural fabrics in neutrals and brights, and though I love plain colours, I can never go past spots and stripes and colour blocking! I am also a little bit OBSESSED with pockets, which I incorporate into the garments as much as I can. Who doesn’t like pockets, right?!

Because Maya Me’s designs are so simple and minimalist, it makes for a wonderful canvas for you and your child’s creativity. Whether it’s layering with crazy patterns and bold colours, wearing all one hundred of her necklaces, a pair of wings or a cape, the possibilities are endless!

When you decide to purchase an item from MaYaMe, you can be assured that it will be handmade with lots of love, out of my workroom in my Sydney apartment, with my little one playing close by.

xxx Shereen and Maya

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